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The Pink Squad – Unique viral campaign

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Уникална вайръл кампания за застрахователна компния насочена към безрасъдните шофьори. 90% от шофьорите са убедени, че са отговорни на пътя и парите събирани за застраховки от тях, отиват за покриване на щетите на безрасъдните такива.

Ако компанията застраховател се грижи за разумните шофьори, кой ще се заеме с неразумните: The Pink Squad!


Objective:To launch Union as the 10th car insurance company on the market of mandatory car insurance.

Challenge:How to engage people and attract their attention towards the brand while being in a low involvement category in which the price of the product is the main differentiator.

Idea:The Pink Squad a movement against irresponsibility on the road.

Strategy:We created a sort of secret organization that took justice on the roads into its own hands. The media were offered a story of a „Vigialante“, who in his own specific way punishes irresponsibility on the streets. In the moment, when The Pink Squad and their actions became known nationwide, we connected them with Union and its products.
At the end of the campaign we came with initiative Weekend without accidents. /All saints’ holiday weekend October 30th – November 1st 2009/

Weekend without accidents.
Accidents on that particular holiday weekend compared to the last year decreased: trafic accidents decreased from 429 to 191 and lives lost decreased from 6 to 1

(Note: Slovakia as a country has 5mil inhabitants)
1 000 000 page views
82 000 fans on Facebook
(10% of all Facebook users in Slovakia)
7 000 Squad membership requests

Free media coverage:
The Pink Squad´s story generated 500k € worth of media coverage, which is equal to 50% of the total media budget of the whole launch campaign.

Share of mind:
In 3 months the mandatory car insurance of Union insurance reached the same preference level as its 4 main competitors


Кампания с реални и силни резултати!

Title „The Pink Squad“

Agency Wiktor Leo Burnett, s.r.o.

Creative Director: Peter Kačenka
Copywriters: Peter Kačenka, Marika Majorová, Zuzana Joneková, Vladimír Lefík, Daniel Cveček
Art Directors: Ivan Kasaj, Peter Kačenka
Photographers: Gunpowders, Juraj Chlpík, Alexander Šurkala
Production Company: Leopard Production, Bratislava
Directors: Gunpowder, Miro Talo, Milan Balog
Production Company Producers: Jana Horáková, Tomáš Ručkay, Michal Malovec
Illustrators: Martin Ondrušek, Ivan Kasaj
Designers: Ivan Kasaj, Matej Toman, Peter Andráš
Idea making: Vladimír Lefík, Ivan Kasaj, Peter Kačenka
Strategy Planing: Vladimír Lefik, Peter Kontra, Marian Abbafy
Accounting: Katarína Adamkovičová
Online Art Direction: Peter Andráš
Media: Hana Rakovská, Petra Prekopová, Braňo Polák
Music and sound: Marián čurko, Viktor Hazard, Bajko
Partners: Starmedia, Leopard Production, Digita.sk, Monogram, TV JOJ, Ringier, akzent media

City Bratislava

Advertiser Union Insurance Company

Brand Name Union Insurance Company

Business Sector Insurance

Campaign Name The Pink Squad

Country of Production Slovakia

Language English

Type Case Study

Awards Epica, 2010 (Gold) for Public Relations

Epica, 2010 (Bronze) for Integrated Campaigns

Eurobest, 2010 (Silver) for Best Use of Television/Cinema

Eurobest, 2010 (Bronze) for Best Launch or Re-Launch

Cristal Festival, 2010 (Grand Cristal) for Media

Cristal Festival, 2010 (Cristal) for Launch Campaign

International Advertising Festival Golden Hammer, 2010 (Diploma) for Internet campaigns


10x to Bo Punch

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